One of the most common examples of such procedure is the abdominal liposuction which is used to remove the excess, bulging fats which may not respond to exercise and diet. In this plastic surgery procedure, surgeons use a thin, suctioning probe called cannula in order to remove the fatty deposits in the abdominal area.

mommy-makeover-3lg-bToday, fat removal surgery is more effective and safer to a significant number of patients as doctors are using the tumescent solution that consists of epinephrine to constrict the blood vessels resulting to minimal blood loss, and the lidocaine which numbs the treated area for up to 36 hours.

This solution, which is directly injected to the treated area, also makes it easier for plastic surgeons to remove the fats by turning these swollen and in a liquefied form. In this way, patients will also experience less surgical trauma which means that their doctors can remove more fats without exposing them to high levels of trauma.

In some cases, the abdominal liposuction is not enough to improve the appearance of the tummy especially if the problem is caused by the excess tissues and skin and not just the bulging fats. In this condition, the most effective solution is the abdominoplasty or more commonly referred as tummy tuck surgery.

In this procedure, plastic surgeons create an incision below the navel or 6 to 7cm above the pubic area so they can remove the excess skin and tissues that are causing the sagginess. In some cases, they also manipulate the underlying muscles which have become separated due to several pregnancies or massive weight loss.

Another popular mommy makeover prices procedure is the breast augmentation which is traditionally performed with the use of either the saline or silicone implants to increase the bust size or regain the lost breast volume after pregnancies.

But according to plastic surgeons, this procedure is not advisable to women who have extremely sagging breasts. If this is the problem, the most ideal solution is the breast lift surgery in which they create several incisions in the breast to remove the excess glandular tissues and skin.

Meanwhile, breast reduction is another common mommy makeover reviews procedure that is performed on patients who have extremely large breasts, a condition which may predispose them to skin irritation in the breast fold, chronic neck and back pain, extreme self-consciousness, and inability to engage in sports and other physical activities.

In an effort to minimize the trauma related to plastic surgery, it has become a standard among plastic surgeons to avoid multiple surgeries in a single day on their patients who want to under several “Mommy Makeover” procedures.

Overweight people turn to surgical alternatives when regular diet and exercise are not enough to help. A common misconception is that surgery is going to cause the weight to fall off quickly and without any effort. Surgical weight reduction cannot be successful without a healthy state of mind, regular exercise, and strict dietary guidelines. Said Jason Hope physician that surgical weight reduction cannot be successful without a healthy state of mind, regular exercise, and strict dietary guidelines.

Mental Health Propels Physical Health And Weight Loss

It is easy to fall into a slump of depression and lack of self-esteem without a positive body image. Plastic surgery can take fat off of the body, but it is not going to stay off or continue to drop without a strong desire. If weight issues stem from binge-eating or other destructive habits, it takes a lot of work to make a real change. Any addiction, including food, can be overcome with professional help and ongoing treatment. Rehabilitation, support groups, and individual therapy are the best ways to make the right mental changes to prepare for weight reduction surgery. After surgery, the weight may drop pretty quickly until eventually hitting a plateau or standstill. This is when the motivation of peer support groups helps to overcome the inevitable challenges that can trigger bad habits to come back.

Get Up and Moving

Regular habits of coming home from work and lounging around the rest of the day have to be left in the past. Bariatric surgery is not going to firm or tone muscles without some type of accompanying exercise. Make it an easy goal of engaging in at least one physical activity each day. Strenuous exercise is not necessary to burn the calories necessary to maintain healthy weight. The first few weeks of recovery must be low-impact to ensure safe healing. Never push your body past its limit and take the chance to risk an injury. A few months after weight loss surgery, it should be more comfortable to step up the exercise game into cardio. Expect things to be challenging, but absolutely necessary for this amazing lifestyle change. Get to know your body and challenge yourself as you notice the benefit of muscle definition and fitness.

Feed The Body What It Needs

It may seem difficult, but forget that fast food exists in your world. Depending on the type of weight loss surgery you have, different rules will apply. For example, gastric bypass surgery means the elimination of carbonated beverages that can stretch the stomach. No one is expected to avoid things that they love to eat, but it is important to maintain the strength to not over-indulge. Sugar, fats, and greasy foods are not good for the body and should be eaten in strict moderation to avoid putting weight back on. Try new foods that have natural sugars and plenty of nutrients to feel satisfied rather than deprived. The doctor provides detailed instructions and guidelines about the expected diet to make the transition as easy as possible.

Dropping a lot of weight has the potential to begin a new, healthier chapter of life for anyone that can become dedicated. Why have the surgery without the intention to change the bad habits that caused the weight to soar in the first place? There are simple exercises for people that do not have the time or desire to hit the gym on a regular basis. Diet can be modified as simply as discovering new foods, experimenting with healthy recipes, and practicing portion control. A strong mind and support system are able to help overcome times of weakness and temptation throughout the entire process following surgery. It is never too late to turn your entire life around with an effective weight reduction surgery.

10 Beauty Tips for Summer You Can Use Today

Summer beauty is important. Looking your best this year has to be weighing on your mind especially if you are heading off to the local beach or to a tropical climate. You don’t want to miss out on all the fun just because you don’t think you have mastered your beauty tips. Here are some amazing beauty tips you can use for this summer.

Try Brush Up

Body brushingBody brushing has become one amazing beauty secret to consider. When you use this you are going to find that it does help to tone your skin and stimulate actual hydration as well within the skin. You use a soft brush for this and you gently brush your skin upwards in a circular motion so that you can stimulate the skin. Remember not to use a hard brush.Learn more about body brushing benefits and techniques

A Good Banana Face Pack

Banana Face PackMaking your own banana face pack from home can be great. You can easily make your very own little mud pack and it really does help to make the skin a lot softer and satin feeling! You don’t apply this near your eyes however but you can apply around the cheeks and chin and forehead. Before you use this however test a small amount on skin first and don’t use if you are allergic to bananas. This makes a great beauty tip to achieve smooth skin.

Brush Harder

Brush HarderThere are going to be times when you notice your teeth are becoming an off white or even a yellow shade. This is the time to get brushing and improve on your brushing skills. If you’ve found your brushing skills are good, then it’s time to look at the things you eat. If you consume lots of caffeine, tobacco or red wine then they may cause your stains on the teeth. A good summer beauty tip has to be to try avoid these things or at the very least improve on your brushing after consuming these.

Wear Shades

ShadesSunglasses or shades are certainly a great summer beauty accessory to consider this year. Wearing shades can really help to reduce the onset of the lines underneath the eyes or the crow’s feet as they are commonly known as.Click here to read rules for wearing shades

Cleanse and Polish Your Skin

header2.jpgHaving dried or even oily skin can always bring on acne and all sorts of other skin problems. You don’t want this especially during the summer months, instead, cleanse and polish your face and in fact, your entire skin so that it’s clean and healthy looking. You want soft skin and washing an extra few times during the summer months can be a great beauty tip to consider.

Lemon and Honey Mix Does the Trick

Lemon and Honey MixYou don’t always have the time to get that instant glow especially after a long day at the office. However, lemon and honey mixed together can be a great little brightener for your skin. You want a simple beauty tip, this has to be it. Though before using this, you have to be wary to ensure that it is OK for your skin.

Get an Oil Massage for Your Hair

You want to improve the look of your hair and nothing works better than a good massage. A head and air massage is certainly going to be the way to go when it comes to improving your hair. You can stimulate growth and really take away the stresses of the day. This is a good beauty tip to consider.

Go For a Steam

hair streamSteaming for your hair can be a good beauty tip. You would take a hair steaming towel and add it around your hair for a good ten or twenty minutes in order to get the natural hair oils soaked up in the hair follicles.

Apply Generous Amounts of Sun Cream

Sun CreamWe all know the dangers of the sun however you can still often step out wearing nothing! This is why you absolutely need to protect your skin fully even if you believe your skin is covered for the most part. It doesn’t matter if you’re just showing off your legs or arms, you need to apply generous amounts of sun cream to these areas so that you avoid being burnt by the sun and have skin problems surfacing. This is an essential part of the beauty regime.

Always Drink Water

Always Drink WaterTake a bottle of water with you wherever you go! This can be so important for your body so that you keep hydrated and alert. This of course helps to remove toxins from the body but during the summer it’s an important tool to have to help keep the skin looking refreshed and feeling great also. A simply beauty secret that works!


Simple Tips You Can Follow

To be honest, there are going to be lots of amazing tips you can follow and use when it comes to looking your best this year. It’s really up to you which you want to choose and use however, make sure you get the best for your skin today! Summer beauty tips can be simple and you can enjoy your summer.

5 New Year’s Resolutions You Should Keep

New Year’s Resolutions are something most people make at the turn of the year; however most are broken before the end of January. Though, you can make any number of crazy resolutions from saying you are going to give up chocolate to climbing Everest. There are just so many and the crazy thing about it all is that you don’t necessary need to make big resolutions in order to break them; smaller resolutions are often broken as well. However, you shouldn’t break all of them!

Eat Healthier

Eating a little healthier is certainly a popular New Year’s resolution! This is where you avoid eating the bad foods and avoid junk food and instead concentrate on the healthier things such as vegetables and fruits and good lean meats. Easier said than done I know but to be honest, eating the healthier foods can be really fun and very tasty as well. You can easily make some fresh healthy meals from home and really enjoy them.

Do Something You Enjoy Each Day

What’s the point in life if you don’t love it? Exactly, this is why one important New Year’s resolutions you shouldn’t break have to be to enjoy each and every day by doing something you enjoy. This can be something from sitting back and reading a good book or trying a new recipe out or even spending thirty minutes photographing the world as it goes by. Whatever it may be that you enjoy, do it, because it can be such a wonderful experience and allows you to bring something new into your life that brightens it up.

Volunteer At Least Once A Month

A great New Year’s resolution has to be to become a volunteer. Now, even if you have a busy lifestyle, that doesn’t mean to say, you still can’t do your bit for the community. You can in fact take up volunteering but even if it’s only one day a month, that’s still amazing. you can help out at a charity shop or do whatever it is you would like however it all really helps those who need that little bit of extra help.

Support Local Businesses

This might sound a little crazy to some but actually, this New Year’s resolution is great. Why – because you are giving back to the community! You are able to support the smaller but local businesses that are around. There is just so much competition out there and it really never hurts to support a few local businesses. So instead of purchasing fresh fruit from a big supermarket store, you look to your local fruit and vegetable grocer.Read more about top broken new year resolutions,29569,2040218,00.html

Become Active

Getting out there and being active is certainly great. It’s not only great for your overall health but it can be quite fun too! You don’t really need to head to the gym in order to be active but do this that take you out and about such as day trips to local landmarks. You could do lots of great activities that allow you to become more active. This can be a great New Year’s resolution to consider.

Don’t Break Your Resolutions

Resolutions don’t always go to plan however the above five are some amazing resolutions you should try to keep this year. Remember, life should be all about fun and not always being serious. You should be able to be serious but fun at the same time. So, why not try some of these New Year’s resolutions out for yourself – and try stick to them!

Click here to learn some simple steps how accomplish your new year resolutions